Let us help you jump to the next stage of your career.

“We know how challenging it can be with so much competition in the jobs market. Getting a certification can separate you from the rest and we’re here to help.”

Andrew Galdes, Founder of Exam Kabam

Exam Kabam is an AGIX Linux project to help fulfill our mission objective of “To further the open-source philosophy and promote good cyber security within business.” and what better way to do that then by helping people just like you learn and pass exams.

AGIX and Exam Kabam were created by Andrew Galdes, an IT guru with several certifications including with Cisco, Redhat, LPI, CompTIA and even with Pearson VUE as a test administrator.

Why the name “Exam Kabam”? Andrew Galdes from AGIX explain:

“All the good names were taken. Actually, that’s not true, Exam Kabam does have a nice sound to it. It reminds me of those action comics where foes hitting each other makes strong sounds… Kabam!”.

You can find out more about AGIX, Linux and IT Security at the AGIX website at “https://www.agix.com.au“.